Farsighted - Emlyn Chand Being the owner of a white cane and a lovely guide dog, I am not sure how I feel about how the writer has portrayed a blind person. Kudos for trying, but it comes off as more of a writing ploy to selling books and distinguish this series from other YA books about magic and urban fantasy then a glimpse in the life of a blind teen with a urban fantasy twist. I know writers are in the business of making a living by writing books, so I am too bent about that. I was happy to see text to speech was enabled that made me very happy, so I able to listen to it when my vision got to blurry to read. As for the book, character and plot, it had a lot of potential, but failing to draw me in completely. The characters felt flat especially Simmi and times the story dragged. It was interesting though and worth the $2.99 I paid to check it out on my Kindle, I don't think I would have purchased it if it wasn't at a low price.