Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life - Sandra Beasley Wow first of all the author has just as many allergies as I do! I had a milk and cat allergy as a baby and outgrew it when I was in grade school. Many years later my allergies came back worse and a whole boat load of other ones where discovered. This book showed me that I wasn't alone or something was wrong with me because I have all these allergies. Sadly it is very common to blame food allergies on something the person did especially with adult onset allergies. I could relate with a lot of Sandra's experience with lying on the couch trying to breathe and sucking down benadryl with my inhaler instead of grabbing my epi-pen and taking that trip to the hospital. This is a great book to recommend people how want to learn what life is like with serious food allergies as well as seasonal.