The Scourge of Muirwood - Jeff Wheeler I really enjoyed this trilogy, but at times the preaching & origin of evil being a seductive woman did make me knock a star off & caused me to enjoy the story less. I don't think having Lia also being the savour of the faithful redeems the author for throwing in Eve and the serpent. Most of the religious symbolism didn't bother me & I saw it more of the "Force"(the Medium") and D&D clerics then what the author may have intended.

I can understand some of the results of the ending like Sowe passing the Maston's test (due to be adopted into by Ciana thus connecting to the medium through their family name and past). It did seem to tie up way to fast and it would have been better the reader could have experienced these plot lines instead of being told after it happened. This made the ending feel rushed into a messy happy bow.

Kate Rudd did a great job narrating and helped me slide into this book easier then if I was reading it myself.