Witches in Flight (WitchLight Trilogy #3)

Witches in Flight (WitchLight Trilogy #3) - Debora Geary This is the last book in the Witchlight series, but like life when one story ends a new begins. I am sure we will see more of the new Witchlight in the future.

Geary spins a magical tale in this trilogy of learning to grow and shake off the chains that bind, regardless of what caused those chains that tighen and bind were created. Make mistakes, be passionate, cry, have fun, learn to love one's self, feel, hope, and believe, these are just a few of the wonderful messages that glow quietly in the journey of Lizard and Elsie and the wonderful community of Witch Central that makes us yearn to belong to.

These books they are fluffy, magical and are a great pick-me up when you need a good laugh or cry for that matter.