Free Fall - Laura Anne Gilman I just finished this book yesterday. It only took me two days to read and that's only because it was a busy weekend. If it wasn't a busy weekend I would have eaten this book in a day. This is my favourite of the Retriever series and if Laura Anne Gilman left this as the final book I would be happy because it resolved everything that has been building up in the books before it. I am curious to see what happens next for Wren, Sergei and P.B. though so bring on another one and I'll read it. This is a great urban fantasy full of adventure, magic and love. I'm normally not one for romantic fantasy, but Gilman does a great job by mostly focusing on everything else and letting the romance play a very small part. I love her take on magic in this series it being electrical current that is manipulated by the Talent that Wren is slightly different from most of the other Talents in that she likes to source from thunderstorms instead of man-made electricity.

If you enjoy Harry Dresden, you will most likely enjoy this series.