An Echo in the Bone - Diana Gabaldon I'm really torn on giving this book 4 stars I really want to give it around 3 1/2. I love this series and will continue to follow it; however I am slightly disappointed with this book. Arrg. The ending felt it came out of nowhere, so many loose ends due to the amount of storylines that this books is juggling between. It felt like a George R.R. Martin book without any real meat that he gives you before he switches character perspectives. Echo in the Bone felt why to jumbled and I felt that we weren't really given much of any of the stories because of the bouncing back and forth constantly. I do enjoy the characters still and want to know what happens next. What saved me from throwing this book across the room at the end is that I was listening to the audiobook and Davina Porter the narrator is so talented that I didn't feel that the 45 hrs and 58 mins that I invested in this was a complete waste of time. As I stated early thought this will not stop me from waiting for the next book and I hope the wait isn't too long. (crossing fingers that it doesn't end up like Melanie Rawn's The Captal's Tower damn it I'm still waiting for this book since the 90's!/rant)