Red Riding Hood - Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Catherine Hardwicke, David Leslie Johnson I am having troubles rating this book and think it should be 1/2 stars then I recall the fact that the last chapter is missing and you have to read it online makes me really pissed. A retailing of a fairy tale always has promise for me and peaks my interest, but this book left me disappointed and angry. The characters were so flat and the "romance" was very limp and felt unreal. The gimmick of the last chapter from the audiobook and book and posting it after the movie opens online left a nasty taste in my mouth. I have decided not to see the movie especially because if the book is anything like the movie I don't not want to waste any more time and money on it. The "bonus" chapter can now be found online via downloadable PDF, which makes this visionally impaired audiobook listener peeved even more that they don't offer an audiobook version of it. With all this being said, even without this gimmick I would have been disappointed by this retelling of one of my favorite Grimm tales. I am to L to explain more why and to put up a spoiler alert so consider yourself warned that is book is a waste of time & money.