Geekomancy - Michael R. Underwood I needed something light, fun and fluffy after digesting way to many poorly written/edited mommy porn books. So far I am hooked :D

I am done and sad that this fun geeky romp is over. I loved the humour and the idea of gaining magical abilities by watching media in the geeky genre of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy or picking up a loved light saber or Magic card. My favourite part is when Ree gained BBC Sherlock abilities complete with txt pop ups :D One of he cons was emulating genre abilities didn't last very long. By the time Ree had gotten her butt where the action was she felt the magic fizzle away pretty quick. Luckily she has a black belt and can use her own fighting abilities. This book was entertaining and light, but I wouldn't recommend it to people who wouldn't get the pop culture refs.