A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch, #4)

A Nomadic Witch (A Modern Witch, #4) - Debora Geary It took me longer to finish this one. I still tore through the book pretty fast I just didn't pick it up a lot. Geary's books are alway full of love, community, laughter and a few tears as the witches go through life living. What happens when a witch is broken and doesn't want to take roots in the open arms of the ever-growing witch community? Marcus lost a huge part of himself as well as his connection to home and community when he lost his twin to the mists at the wee age of five. This book tells the heartwarming tell how raspberries, a poopy diaper, purple eyes and the best dare ever can help heal him and connect him back to the world of the living after over 40 years of pushing everyone away and not living life to the fullest. Warning, have tissues!